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  • Mark Wahlberg Talks To Conan About Lone Survivor

    So do we hate Mark Wahlberg this year still? :P  I forgot if Lone Survivor redeemed him or not? That mortar blowing up in his face thing was pretty crazy.  I’d be mad too. Thoughts?

  • 2 Guns – Trailer

    Never rob a bank across from a diner that has the best donuts in 3 counties: Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg!  I love those guys… I know some of you are going to be like “But Mark Wahlberg is anti-gun!”, Denzel might be also, but I don’t really care… they are entertaining. 1:39 – Start…

  • Contraband – Trailer

    This looks awesome: Besides the fact Mark Wahlberg is apparently anti-gun, he acts in some killer movies.  Good choice picking Kate Beckensale for the leading lady too. I hope they have an outtakes real on this movie where Andy Samberg steps in and does his bit and says the classic “Say hi to your mother…