Tag: Maintenance

  • Complete Beginner’s Guide to Basic Gun Maintenance

    The gun store guys make a how-to video: I didn’t have time to watch all 30min yet, it looks like it might be alright though. I stopped it at around 8:15 where he called Hoppes solvent “Hoppies”.   hahah do people say that?  That’s the first time I’ve ever heard it.

  • The FN Herstal “Black Box”

    New from FN Herstal… the BLACK BOX The FN Black Box stores information that allows preventive maintenance and facilitates corrective maintenance, which greatly increases weapon reliability and availability. The FN Black Box is a molded module that fits in any weapon type. It features a non-replaceable battery that has a remarkable service life of 10 years…

  • Treat your rifle like a lady

    Treat Your Rifle Like a Lady The Will Eisner M-16 U.S. Army Rifle Maintenance Booklet Officially known as DA Pam 750-30 32 Pages on proper cleaning and assembly of the M16A1 Rifle Issued in comic book form, and with rifle, to every U.S. soldier stationed in Vietnam. Chapter titles include: How to Strip Your Baby…