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  • Obama AR-15 Lower Receiver Now A Reality

    There was some buzz on the internet about this Photoshop I posted in back in 2009: I don’t remember any company jumping on the bandwagon and actually getting them made in 2009.  Looks like Palmetto State Armory thought it would be a good idea to capitalize on this year’s upcoming November election so they are making some…

  • Installing An AR-15 Lower Parts Kit

    A classy 3D video animation from CMMG shows us how it’s done: Do it asap and secure your membership in the AR-15 Builders Club. The video makes some of the steps look easy as pie… when in reality it’s going to take you a few tries unless you’re a seasoned pro. CMMG makes a lot…

  • $50 forged AR-15 lowers from SI Defense

    Lower receivers CNC machined from certified 7075 aluminum forgings and anodized per Mil-A-8625. Lower receivers are marked with “multi-use” for use of different calibers. I had never heard of SI Defense until now.  I’m sure after this deal they will be a lot more well known, especially if the lowers are quality. $500 for a…

  • California AR-15 lower warning

    This is an awesome idea. Whoever engraved that really needs to proof read though, because “California” and “Contains” are spelled incorrectly. Thanks to Kevin for the picture.

  • $80 Billet AR-15 Lower

    Either this is a mistake, the lowers are out of spec, or it’s the best deal EVER! http://www.centerfiresystems.com/ARLOWER-MACH.aspx The quality looks great! More pics: