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  • More Guns Equals Less Crime?

    Linoge investigates the common assertion – HERE I still don’t know what to think.  There are so many external variables involved when you’re dealing with guns and people, that I don’t like to be like the anti gun nuts (and the NRA on at least on occasion) and make statements about the correlation between guns…

  • Protests Turn Deadly In Thailand

    Full photo set – HERE I bloged about the unrest in Thailand a couple of other times HERE and HERE, and it seems to have got a lot worse there.  It appears that both sides are now using guns, and even utilizing snipers to take out key targets.

  • More Unrest In Thailand

    [youtube width=”560″ height=”340″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25G2D-5iogI[/youtube] Unlike the last time I posted about the Thailand protests (HERE), this time they seem to be carrying guns with ammunition. Those “red shirt” anti-government protesters are definitely bold.

  • Home Defender – Less Than Lethal?

    I don’t know about you guys, but if someone breaks into my house when I’m home I want them DEAD, not tickled by a cute soft ball with tentacles on it. From the packaging: “This may be the most intelligent way to defend your family against home intruders.” Intelligent how?  It’s smart to let some…