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  • California Meme Review And Killdozer 2.0 Talk

    It had to be done: ENDO Brass Bandit shirt on Brandon if any of you guys reading this are interested. 7:23 – TREAD is very well done, you guys should definitely check it out.  Even my girlfriend liked it. 11:20 – Buying a bulldozer and making his own Killdozer for content purposes is one of…

  • The guns of Killdozer

    Granby Colorado – June 4, 2004 [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJcB1_EogXc[/youtube] Another Good video on the Discovery Channel – HERE Damage: Approximately $7,000,000 Casualties: 1 (Killdozer’s driver Marvin Heemeyer committed suicide)