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  • Lonely Island Duel

    To promote their new album coming in 2011: Those guys are hilarious.  Their first album was dope too (for a gag album). Someone needs to teach that one guy how to hold an AR-15 though. hehe

  • Cops Nearly Shoot Actor Playing Convenience Store Robber

    Long Island, NY – A low-budget indie film shooting inside a Long Island convenience store got a dose of real life drama last night when a passerby mistook a robbery scene for the real thing and called the cops. Twenty officers responded to the call, and when they arrived at the scene, they saw a…

  • Keeping the school safe (from LEGO guns)

    This one comes from Staten Island, NY:   You have got to be kidding me? So this “zero” tolerance policy now covers micro sized LEGO guns? What a complete lack of common sense on behalf of the principal. What’s next? A kid makes a gun with his index finger, and thumb and subsequently has to…