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  • Practicality and Tacticality Of The Full Auto Glock

    Administrative Results takes a look: There are a lot of entertaining gun YouTube channels I’m finding out about lately.  This channel seems really good.  I liked that intro edit.  If I see an auto Glock related video I’m obligated to click and watch. Thoughts?

  • Glock 17 With The Auto Selector Switch

    The first Hickok45 video I’ve posted in a long time: I’ll never get tired of seeing glocks fire in auto.  I really like Hickok45, but damn most of his videos are nearing Nutnfancy lengths now so I can’d do it. Thoughts?

  • Hot Sauce Glock Trollture Test

    Mattv2099 operates in scientific caliente operations: haha @ the start of the video… I would have thought Matt would be running some type of tactical plastic bag over the camera so cleanup would be a breeze. My eyes and nose were burning just watching the video, he might as well have sprayed himself in the…

  • Glock 17 With Trijicon RMR

    I definitely need a RMR milled into my slide some day: A quick run through of the criteria needed to be an operator: ✔Noise cancelling hearing protection ✔Oakley sunglasses ✔Scruffy Beard ✔Polo shirt with random operator companies you’ve probably never heard of ✔Thermal long sleeve under the polo shirt ✔Paracord bracelet ✔Weapon light during daylight ops ✔Suunto…

  • Fun With A Glock 17 With Fire Selector System

    FPSRussia tears it up auto style: I’ve heard bad things about shooting at bodies of water because of ricochets.  So many people on youtube do it though. Those incendiary rounds look like fun. I’ll legally own one of those fire selector switches someday… mark my words.