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  • More Than One Million Dollars Off A Niche Gun Book Kickstarter

    Whoa: Pistols of the Warlords kickstarter is currently sitting at $1051645.  That’s a LOT of money to pull in for a couple niche books, but when you put it in perspective that 5745 people are backing the kickstarter, it definitely seems more doable.  Make me really think I should get going on that Sheepdog Fan…

  • WW2 Trench Rifle System

    Oh this is a system all right.. Ian gets his hands on the craziest stuff hahah.  Someone needs to make an AR-15 version of this. Thoughts?

  • Alchemy Arms Glockteen11 Spectre

    Very cool: You can always trust Forgotten Weapons Ian for detailed info. 4:40 – ahhah the tubular lock safety on the bottom 10:06 – I wonder if you could just swap out the slide backplate with the Spectre, and then the Glock slide would work? 14:10 – I knew this was coming haha – “The…

  • The Worst AK

    Brandon’s reaction to the original Forgotten Weapons video.  He goes through the entire video so you can probably skip watching that original linked video: Ruined Brandon’s day… you hate to see it.  Not being an AK guy to the level that Brandon is… I still cringed over and over and over. Thoughts?

  • Will Forgotten Weapons Ian Pull In More Than Half Million On His Book?

    Wow, the kickstarter for his book on French Military Rifles is currently at $418,400 😲😲😲. I really appreciate what Ian does and he seems like a truly genuine good person, but I rarely watch Forgotten Weapons.  Frankly I’m just not that interested in old firearms, I’m more interested in innovative new stuff.  I’m actually quite…

  • The Gospel Of John Moses Browning

    haha Forgotten Weapons delivers: A quick scroll through the comments turns up little to no butthurt.  Surprising. The original writings are by Fr. Frog and can be found here.  This is all further proof that Browning Did 1911. Thoughts?