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  • Kirsten Goes Full-Revolutionary With A Flintlock Rifle

    Kirsten Joy Weiss partying like it’s 1776: One of the few YouTubers I follow who doesn’t do strictly “marketing” videos now.  This video is fun, and it’s real; she always puts a lot of effort in. That outfit tho!  Like Kirsten said in her email to me, and I quote: “…Women be dressin’ in string bikinis holding guns…

  • Flintlock Glock

    Taking kabooms to a whole other level: And an epic rap song to go with it – HERE Hat tip: Ski for the song, and Quint for the pic.

  • Tactical Flintlock Pistol

    This guy is gonna CLEAN UP in duel challenges. Green lasers kick ass.  I wish I liked having a laser on my pistol enough to buy another one (I sold my red guiderod Lasermax a while back and don’t miss it at all).

  • The History Of Firearms

    11 Videos on YouTube from Ruger that cover the history of firearms: Part 1: Hand Cannons Part 2: The Matchlock Part 3: The Wheellock Part 4: The Flintlock Part 5: Percussion Weapons Part 6: Cartridge Guns Part 7: Rifling Part 8: Breechloaders Part 9: Repeating Rifles Part 10: Revolvers Part 11: Semi-Auto Pistols Don’t worry,…