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  • Sons Of Derp Frankenrifles

    Neva been done befo’: Ahahahhah this show…  I was hoping that the knee jerk reaction of canceling it after the Newtown CT massacre, would put this derp-fest to rest once and for all.  Guess not… new derp every Friday. Will can’t even troll properly. Making a MAC-FAL is such entry level trolling… if he wanted next level…

  • Reality TV Gun Shows Suck

    Chaos and his friend Don talk about how much reality TV gun shows suck: Don is gun-curious… which apparently is like bi-curious but with guns… and guys sometime, but no homo. (wtf? hahhaha) They make some great points.  The video is 20min long, but definitely entertaining.

  • Trolling Paige Wyatt At Shot Show

    Youtuber Sturmgewehre has a bit of fun with Paige starting at around 2:48 LOL Classic.  She actually handled herself really well.. pretty funny though.  If you’ve never heard of Paige, she’s on the Discovery Channel show American Guns.  Not my favorite show on earth, but definitely far less annoying than Sons Of Derp.

  • Sons Of Guns Derptastic Deagle Episode

    Nice Deagle at 1:29 *eye roll* As far as i’m concerned, Sons Of Guns is setting how firearm enthusiasts are viewed, back decades.  I’ve only see a couple of episodes, and I’m not an angry person but I really wanted to smash my TV numerous times while watching. Classic move to just switch the gun…

  • Kidnap And Rescue Show – Operators Gonna Operate

    Looks pretty good: KIDNAP & RESCUE is a provocative new series about kidnapping and the rescuers with the courage to go where no one else can – risking violent reprisal to reclaim innocent victims, inside our borders and beyond. Whether it’s a high-profile executive being held for ransom, a child sold overseas or a DEA…