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  • Star Spangled Bastard

    Cyanide & Happiness: SKIP TO 3:22 Star Spangled Bastard doesn’t play for real.  Better check himself with those 4 rules though. 7:01 – Noooooo not a gun magnet!  Arrrrghhh I hate that thing.  I bet Moms Demand Action / Bloomberg are calculating the feasibility as we speak. Thoughts? Gat tip: Linas

  • A Thirst For Blood And Too Many Guns

    Cyanide & Happiness with an “I wish a MFer would” type scenario: Let me start off by saying every time I see a video with vector type graphics like this I immediately am like “OOHHHHH this will look awesome on my TV in 1080p”, and then I stop the fireplace screensaver I usually have on…