Tag: Coiledsnake

  • A Message From Armed Citizens To Rioters, Looters, And Criminals

    Dat metal on metal action sound: A simple but powerful message. The video is from the same guy that brought us Tactical Magic and The Future Of California Firearm Control.  Glad to see he’s back. Thoughts?

  • The Future Of California Firearm Control

    In a future version of California, firearm control is taken to a new level by the nanny state government. Although the homeowner owns a gun, he is helpless to protect himself and protect his family from an armed intruder. California gonna be California. This video is from the same guy with great taste in t-shirts that…

  • Tactical Magic

    Increases tacticalness and deliciousness of anything you put it on by several thousand percent: Tactical railed mounted thermometer *facepalm* Ahahaha “operators” are standing by… awesome. It’s obvious that CoiledSnake knows tactical, make sure to subscribe to him on youtube for more vids. The man has good taste in clothing too, as you can see the ENDO…