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  • How Beretta Keeps It 100 Every Single Day

    Holy, I like everything about this video: Wow… from the equipment, to the sound, to the CNC machining, and manual work… incredible capability-flex. I had no idea their premium guns were made by hand still like that.  That makes me really want one now…. I’d still want to do something ignorant like turn that stock Yung…

  • Making AR-15 Barrels Over At LaRue

    Some machine shop goodness from LaRue Tactical: Some of you might find this type of thing boring.  I really like machining and automation, espeically when it’s firearm or clothing related. No LaRue isn’t making barrel dampeners (pictured left)… yet.  Maybe they’ll be operator enough someday. Thoughts?

  • $80 Billet AR-15 Lower

    Either this is a mistake, the lowers are out of spec, or it’s the best deal EVER! http://www.centerfiresystems.com/ARLOWER-MACH.aspx The quality looks great! More pics: