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  • Injured Personnel Meat Shield Harness

    A comfortable way to carry an injured person to safety: Skip to 40 seconds to see it in action. Basically it looks like a regular safety harness with arm loops on it for the person doing the carrying.  I could have sworn these things have existed for years. The manufacturer Agilite is selling them for $80…

  • Lockheed Martin – Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC)

    [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1CeBOWm67A[/youtube] Dismounted Soldiers often carry heavy combat loads that increase the stress on the body leading to potential injuries. With a HULC exoskeleton, these loads are transferred to the ground through powered titanium legs without loss of mobility. Gotta love technology. Might as well just go one step further and in case every soldier in an IronMan…

  • Motorcycle Personnel Carrier

    8 people on a motorcycle?! Now that’s what I called budget cutbacks. If the guy standing up in the front happens to pass gas, that will be 8 cases of severe road rash to deal with. Hat Tip: TheoSpark