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  • A Look Inside Colorado’s Cheyenne Mountain Military Bunker Complex

    This is really cool. Straight out of a James Bond movie: Man… the worst part would be no cellphone reception from inside :P  How are you supposed to throw sick ‘grams up #CheyenneChillin?  Maybe the antenna on the Zach Morris Motorola would be enough to at least call for pizza though? The military bunker complex…

  • Bunker Living – Underground Concrete Cribs

    How to live like a boss: I have somewhat of an obsession with loft and bunker living.  I’d fix mine up way more than the ones in the video, but they’re still cool.  That hippy guy was starting to piss me off by the end of the video. For 2 million dollars a floor for…

  • Military Sandbag Bunker Comfy Couch

    Some of you might remember the actual sandbag couch I posted about HERE. A Jerusalem based industrial designer took that concept and ran with it: I actually like the look of it.  Looks like it would be hell if you lost something out of your pocket, or had to vacuum it though. As usual … queue the…

  • Archie Bunker On Gun Control

    [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLjNJI54GMM[/youtube] Arming all the passengers on flights?  With the right choice of ammo, works for me!  Sounds like Archie could have prevented 9/11. As you know i’m a big advocate for arming everyone that isn’t a criminal (or mentally unstable). In the “gun free zones” the criminals obviously have the upper hand.

  • Eric Cartman Signs For 500 AK-47s on Southpark

    Coming up on a new episode of Southpark on March 17, 2010:   This is in reference to an investigation into a Blackwater employee, who in September of 2008 allegedly withdrew hundreds of AK-47s from an Armory in Afghanistan named “Bunker 22” and signed for them under the name “Eric Cartman”. (Source)