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  • Magnets Could Make You Shoot Either Right Or Left

    When magnets are applied to a specific part of the brain (the posterior parietal cortex region, which is involved with planning physical movements), researchers at the University of California Berkeley found that their 33 right-handed volunteers started favoring their left hands for smaller tasks instead. Hat tip: Gizmodo

  • Bullet Enters Head Through Eye Socket And Lodges Behind Brain

    Chorlton, United Kingdom – A CT scan reveals a bullet that entered Peter Hesford’s skull while he was in his garden. Police are working on a theory that a gunman may have fired a shot in the air from a few streets away only for the bullet to land in Mr Hesford’s head as he…

  • M.I.T. on the effectiveness of tinfoil hats

    A 2005 study by graduate students at MIT determined that a tin foil hat could either amplify or attenuate radio frequencies depending on frequency. And I just find this out in 2010? Damn it… :lol: Wait… is this just to trick us into taking off our tinfoil hats because they actually DO work?  Definitely something to…