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  • Paracord Thong Bikini Bottom

    Terrible looking product shot, no shot of a model wearing it, and a terrible looking website where you can buy it for $20.  If after that trifecta of fail you still have a lady in your life you want to see in this thing then I suppose you should head over to purchase it and…

  • Paracord Bikini Top

    For the girl that likes to keep it tactical, even at the beach: $25 over at Paraphernalia Gear.  They don’t sell bikini bottoms to go with it.  Weak that they don’t have it on a model in any pics. :/ Thoughts? Hat tip: Reggie

  • Surface To Air Anti-Seagull System

    [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpsPqMn26r8[/youtube] Seriously, where are some seagulls when you need them most? I would have constructed some sidewalls and baited that section of the beach with bread, and an hour before lighting off that badboy.  Also that box they built to contain the fireworks needs to be mounted on a turret next time, for easy aiming.

  • Terrorism watch on Open Carry in Long Beach California

    The quality is bad, but it reads: “100 members of the Open Carry movement with holstered but unloaded weapons met in Walnut Creek” It’s pretty sad to see that lumped in with SERIOUS issues and incidents that could affect safety in our country. Source: War on Guns Blog Hat Tip: SayUncle