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  • Beer Can Bandolier – Beerdolier

    Straight outta Switzerland: As mentioned off rip, the company ALIG Industries is Swiss.  CHF84.90 converts to about $92 USD if you want one.  I’m not sure how much shipping would be.  It comes in all the required camouflages and colors.. ranger green, wolf grey, multicam reggie and black, M81 etc… Looks like nice workmanship.  If…

  • AR-15 Six Magazine Bandolier

    Lightweight and compact way to carry around 180 rounds: $25 from Grey Ghost Gear. Simple, effective, inexpensive… I like that. You can check out the review over at Gear Whores Anonymous. Thoughts?  Would operate with? Perhaps would open carry troll with? haha

  • High Capacity Crayola Crayon Assault Bandolier

    Look at this cold hearted killer… LOOK AT HER: Cop the bandolier for $25 on ThinkGeek. I could only imagine the bricks that would be shit if you put this on your kid and sent them to school.  Doubling up Rambo style would probably get SWAT called in.  I’m surprised Leonard Embody doesn’t get his girlfriend…

  • 36 Shot Glass Bandolier

    You know the party is about to get good when someone shows up wearing one of these: For $10 on Amazon I don’t think you can go wrong. The alcohol gun should be mandatory as well. What a slim looking dude… must be all the partying.  LOL