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  • ASMR Gun Cleaning Video

    Our boy ASMR Rich is back at it: He’s at 285,000 subscribers now!  Last time I blogged about him was on June 16,2020 and mentioned he was at 135,000 subs.  People seem to be loving his gun content (which he does a lot of).  Definitely a positive and likable guy in general. Thoughts?

  • Toothbrush On Guns ASMR

    ASMR Rich stays making it his job to soothe the people: These vids of his are blowing up!  He’s been making ASMR vids for a month and already has 135,000 subs.  The vid above already has 150,000 views on it.  I feel like even the anti-gun people that like ASMR would appreciate this, but I…

  • Gun and Ammo ASMR For Sleep And Relaxation

    Incredible that he did this for the culture: Long intro, but the guy is chill and happy to be doing what he does so it’s cool to watch.  I embedded with it skipped to the gun part, so if you want to hear the intro you gotta skip back. S&W SD40 VE up first. 7:04…