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  • AR-15 Desk Lamp

    I’m a huge fan of integrating guns into design of otherwise mundane household items, so this piqued my interest: From AR15.com: First off everything you see on the lamp is real AR 15 parts with the exception of the barrel. The base is 1/2″ aluminum type II hard coat anodized black and then color filled…

  • Ashton Kutcher Gives The 2nd Amendment A Nod Again On Twitter

    This time with the help of his beautiful wife Demi Moore… He tweeted this: With a link to this pic of Demi with an AR-15: According to the article on Dailymail.co.uk it was at a gun range in Los Angeles. Looks like a pretty ghetto range some multi millionaire celebrities to go to… I like how those…

  • Transformers III 84mm AR-15 Upper Receiver

    Hat tip: Teaser-trailer That would be priceless if it went down like that between Shia LaBeouf and Tyrese Gibson, but I’m not holding my breath. The upper receiver looks like an AT4 with some extras. I’m not sure about the night vision.. I don’t know much about those.

  • Lady Gaga In AR-15 SBR Bra On The Cover Of Rolling Stone

    Take that hippies. I love it! Neat how this version of the bra includes half of the AR-15 lower and the magazine. I first talked about her AR-15 SBR bra in the ATF Approves Lady Gaga’s Form 1 For AR-15 SBR post

  • Rand Paul’s Shooting Stance Sucks

    [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDs7Z32Q4hs[/youtube] If he shifted any more weight to his rear foot he probably would have pulled the trigger and fell over. The video is apparently from the Bi-Annual Knob Creek Machine Gun shoot in West Point Kentucky. It’s hard to tell from the video, but the gun appears to be a suppressed MAC-10 or M-11 (chambered in…

  • ATF Approves Lady Gaga’s Form 1 For AR-15 SBR

    In the previous post Lady Gaga’s AR-15 SBR Bra In The Alejandro Music Video I talked about how I pictured Lady Gaga would have filled out her ATF Form 1 to build the SBR uppers for her Alejandro music video. If the ATF had a sense of humor, this is how I picture the response: