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  • Afghan National Police Get High, Giggle, And Act Silly While On Patrol

    [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MZWPCrI4RU[/youtube] Hilarious. I wouldn’t want to be on patrol with those ANP jokers though. I gotta hand it to Al Jazeera for getting these exclusives. If I was one of the guys from the 82nd Airborne it would take all my restraint to not pull out my rifle and put a few rounds through that…

  • Photos From Afghanistan (June 2010)

    A member of the Afghan National Police (ANP) watches as US soldiers of the 97th MP Battalion (not pictured) search the site of a Taliban weapons cache in Kandahar City on June 14, 2010 discovered after an informant contacted NATO forces in the area. As usual, Big Picture delivers. Check out the full set – HERE