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  • SNL Multiple Homicide Lulz

    I think I remember seeing this a long time ago, but the Lonely Island channel posted it today: haha great use of the Jason Derulo song Imogen Heap’s song Hide and Seek (thanks commenters) for those dramatic moments. More auto-tune than a T-Pain track.  P.S. – I thought NYC was supposed to be safe?!  Magazine…

  • Andy Samberg Shooting While Sliding On Conan

    Andy Samberg wants to do more action scenes: DAT trigger discipline.  Muzzle discipline could use work though haha.  Good choice with the Glock…. oh noEs it’s one of those machine gun high capacity assault Glocks though. All in good fun.

  • Shy Ronnie & Clyde

    If you never saw the original SNL “Shy Ronnie” skit, basically he raps, but he’s shy when Rihanna is around so he just mumbles quietly to himself.  When she leaves and he kicks it into high gear. Anyway I like Rihanna, this contains guns, Don Draper, and Andy Samberg so Enjoy!

  • We’ll Kill U – A Hilarious Song About Gun Violence

    AKs, UZIs, 9s, and Glocks / One pierced ear / and ankle socks: The video is by a group called The Lonely Island, which also consists of Andy Samberg from SNL (He plays “Steve” in this video) If you’ve never heard of them before, they are hilarious.  Get familiar at their youtube channel – HERE.