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  • Beretta Nano Subcompact Single Stack Pistol

    Gunning for some of Glock’s subcompact market share: My thoughts on the features: Striker deactivation button?  Ahahahah if I knew someone that had that on their pistol, I’d deactivate it if they had it laying around and then tell them about it later just to teach them a lesson.  I know pulling the trigger to…

  • Magnets Could Make You Shoot Either Right Or Left

    When magnets are applied to a specific part of the brain (the posterior parietal cortex region, which is involved with planning physical movements), researchers at the University of California Berkeley found that their 33 right-handed volunteers started favoring their left hands for smaller tasks instead. Hat tip: Gizmodo

  • Quality Arms Ambidextrous AR-15

    [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCgzth88EI4[/youtube] According to their website the starting price is $1295. It’s too bad they don’t get into the upper / bolt market separately… I’m sure they would make a killing if people could just buy that and not a whole new gun. Video of it in action – HERE It’s weird when you can see right…