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  • A Tour Of 50 Cent’s Private Shooting Range

    Cooler than my private range (I don’t have one): For such a lavish estate and guy like 50, I really expected more.  Shows that he’s smart enough with his money I guess if nothing else.  Not like he couldn’t make that entire thing out of marble, gold, and platinum bars if he wanted to. The…

  • 50 Cent And Gun Lamps

    Once again on his twitter page, 50 talks about some gun related stuff, specifically lamps: The picture of his awesome lamp:

  • 50 Cent Is A Fan Of Suppressors

    By the look of his twitter account background: LOL I love that guy…  talk about being the Brady Campaign’s worst nightmare. Not only was he shot 9 times, but he continues to promote and rap about guns, and has a few hundred million dollars to his name.  He really seems like a down to earth…