• Push-Up Test On 3D Printed Lower VS Polymer Injection Molded Lower

    The Hoff does it:

    LOL the injection molded one broke after a few bouncy push-ups 😂, weak.

    I’m actually surprised there hasn’t been a video of someone push-up testing a lower, then getting a picatinny rail to the face or neck when it breaks.  I always brace for that when I watch one of these.

    I really like the filming, editing and the color grading of his vids.  Good content of course too.

  • Time Lapse Of The Absolute Beast Of An Experience Center Sig Sauer Built


    The experience center is located in Epping, NH and is a range, flagship store, and museum.

    I gotta roll up in there and buy out the inventory of MoLoN LaBe 1911s, before it’s too late.

  • Dude Out For Mall Cookies With His Girl Lights Up Active Shooter

    Brandon retells one of the greatest active shooter takedowns yet:

    Holy, this Elisjsha Dicken guy is a G.  Fired 10 rounds into that bozo shooter at 40 yards, and lights out.  The man just wanted to get some cookies with his girlfriend, and turns out he saved a ton of lives.  I hope he loses absolutely zero sleep over anything to do with this situation.  A true hero.

    4:50 – Mind blowing that people are angry this guy killed the active shooter.  Doesn’t surprise me that Shannon Watts (from Moms Demand Action) was one of the angry ones.

    9:00 – Wow, Brandon offered the build Eli an AKG AK as a token of appreciation.  Very cool.


  • Competitive Shooting In International Locations

    Lil’ documentary from Taurus:

    1:32 – His shirt reads “Always keep the WOLF near the surface” 😂

    Taurus did a nice job on this vid.  Definitely has VICE vibes.

  • Goldmember Shooting Drill

    Print Shoot Repeat:

    My dude is out here breaking all the boxes they put us 2A bois in.  You love to see it.

  • Instructor Zero Is Really In His Bag

    Back on Youtube full time flexin:

    YOOOO what the.. at the end of the 2nd video the Sellier & Bellot ad has the full cartridges flying around and some appear to be “firing” and breaking the sound barrier.  Sure it’s kind of an artsy video, so it’s probably just supposed to be cool looking and not actually representative of what happens when you fire a round.  S&B knows this right? *nervous laughter* RIGHT? 😂