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  • Gun Drummer’s Most Intense Video Style Are The House Vids

    This Gun Drummer vid format makes me gasp: I need to know the story behind this house 😂.  The first video has 4 Million views.  I scanned the comments thinking it would be full of anti-gun comments, but all I saw was people loving the freedom on display. Thoughts? Train like you fight?

  • Train Like A Bozo If You Fight Like A Bozo

    Big yikes: 😂 I’ll never not be annoyed when someone doesn’t @ the people in the vids.  It’s not like these vids were “leaked”… they literally would have been posted publicly on social media as a flex.  That’s typically how it starts before everything goes sideways and they delete the video.  A tale as old…

  • Primary Weapons Systems Has BDE

    A new suppressor they call the Bravo Delta Echo: The most annoying music on earth award goes to them for this video. Really cool that it’s 3d printed from titanium.  I’m not going to repeat any of the specs here for no reason, so if you’re interested you can head over to their site and…

  • The Rise And Fall of Blackwater

    A podcast interview with Erik Prince: I started this up, and it seems interesting enough but HOLY who listens to almost 4 hour podcast episodes?  I’ll definitely bookmark it for an off the grid hike or international flight.  I figured some of you fellas would be interested in it.

  • Navy Seal Bank Robber Thomas Mixon

    The man robbed 5 banks in a month: Good story.  1:45 – The “red cell” stuff is crazy! 😲 I didn’t want to go back through the video to get the exact count of $ he robbed, but off the top of my head it was well under $100k.  What a complete waste of time. …

  • Vickers Guide AR-15 Volume 2

    Larry is back with another book: 👀 Amazing looking info and top notch quality as usual. $110 over at VickersGuide.