Gatorz Sunglasses For Sheepdogs Who Protect The Flock

LOL confront the wolf harder brUh:

I saw these on The Firearm Blog, in what I can only assume was an ad post.  It was basically a standard copy + pasted “pReSs ReLeASe” which I’m sure the Gatorz company thought would get them some great exposure.  I ultimately believe “any press is good press” but holy did that backfire… basically all 18 comments are making fun of the glasses.

I’ll have to throw my hat in the ring as well and vote for the side who believes these are among the worst looking glasses I’ve ever seen. Not even the cute little ammo can keeper box can save it for me.  The best part about the internet though is that there are a lot of sheepdog’s who will come across these and be like “HELL YA BRUTHER, I NEEDUM in ALL teH cuLOrS”.

When I initially saw these, I was like “Oh at least they’re going to be dirt cheap”… NOPE.  $300 per pair for the Magnum series and $320 for the Specter series.

Thoughts? The thing that’s interesting with sunglasses is you can tell exactly what company the “inspiration” for the silhouettes came from (mainly Oakley in this case).  This is exactly why I find marketing and brand so fascinating… because rather than just buy the original (if that’s a person’s style), some people decide that an all aluminum frame and the military / AMERICA marketing speaks to them more, so they spend more money on these Gatorz.