Real High Chest Ready With The KT Mech Tactical Chest Rig

Throwback to 2013 which I hadn’t been blessed with before.  Posted now, thanks to an IG follower:

WHY IS THE GIRL DEMO’ING use of the holster WITHOUT A GUN in it? 😫😂. After watching the video, it definitely seems more suited to guys (or maybe flat chested girls).  It’s just way too high on that girl.

I don’t know fellas… 🤔 when she’s shouldering rifles, it really looks like she would full on have the handgun grip hit the stock, or else mash into her chin.

If you want to pick one of these up, I’m not even 100% sure if the company is still operating.  The site definitely hasn’t changed since 2013 or before.  The checkout does work to go to Paypal though, so who knows *shrug*.  Maybe drop them an email first?

Gat tip: ishouldfeelbad