Refined Savages Fire Starter Kit Hidden Inside The Glock Backstrap


These dudes that call themselves “Refined Savages” really went ahead and spent money on an injection mold, to sell people a $50 insert to put a fire starter kit inside a Glock.  That’s right.. a ferro rod, metal striker, cotton and accelerant gel pack jammed up into the backstrap.  At this point in the firearms community I’m just like “SURE… WHY NOT?”.  The big problem that bruthers are gonna have is that next week someone will come out with a paracord spool for the same spot.  How will they ever decide? 🤔

Integrated Defense Strategies (above) caught up with the head “Refined Savage” at the NRA show.  Yooo and this blew my mind.. this Mike Hughes guy apparently INVENTED SIRT.  I don’t know how you go from such an epic idea and execution and beloved product such as the SIRT pistol, to a Glock backstrap firestarter.. but gentlemen, here we are 🤷‍♂️.  I have to say I do like that this Mike guy is wearing a sun hoodie.  I have a few Arcteryx ones that are literally my favorite bit out outdoor clothing, and I get made fun of quite a bit for it.  Sorry (not sorry) that I don’t want skin cancer swEatie 💅.

The filming style is so chaotic.. like why am I watching high quality footage of IDS film this Refined Savage guy (in lower quality) on his cellphone?  Probably just file that question under 📁Youtube-Stuff-You-Just-Wouldnt-Understand-ENDO.

Thoughts?  Any of you newly identifying “refined savages” picking one of these up?