Instructor Zero Indonesia Sizzle Reel

Instructor Zero let out the top knot and trained some Indonesian fellas:

I like how zero seemingly flows everyone some branded merch when you do a class with him.  It’s definitely a good Idea that more shooting schools / instructors should take note of.  Everyone wants to flex where and who they trained with.  Bonus points if the shirts actually are nice.

1:12 – Those Indonesian boys are really into punisher there too I see.

Zero has always been really good at marketing himself, even if some of the stuff is over the top.  The camera work in this is really nice.  Those scenes towards the end (2:00) where it’s raining and the footage is slowed down, is killer.  Almost looks like how they demonstrate making the big raindrops during the Universal Studios backlot tour.  Apparently regular rain doesn’t show up very well on camera.  If I find out Zero drenched the fellas with a fake rain machine I’m full on going to be STEAMED 😤😂.