Worst Internet Gun Fails #9 – The Darwin Awards

Brandon back at it with another one:

Holy that M240B negligent discharge 👀😫😲🤣 YIKES.  Off to a good start.

4:20 – Yea I’ll never shoot a Glock with a vertical grip after seeing that vid.  Brandon blurs it out, but the guy put a hold through his hand, right in the meat between the thumb and index finger.  I don’t remember any of the other details, but yea NOT ideal.

7:33 – At least with this one the slide is locked back (at that current point in time).  Still reckless because she obviously doesn’t know what she’s doing, AND has her finger on the trigger AND is asking the RSO how to put the magazine in.  A perfect storm for negligence.

I’ll save the commentary on the rest of them.. but definitely worth the watch as always haha.