VODA Makes A Case FOR Gun Control

I knew this bozo was going to come out of the woodwork to try and get some more attention sooner or later:

Funny how he turns off all the comments now.

Here are his “solutions”:

  1. Stop making AR-15s, and stop making rifles (unless they are hunting rifles).
  2. Limit magazine capacity to 10 rounds across the board.
  3. There should be a strict number of how many firearms can be made by a manufacturer per month.
  4. Civilians should only be able to have access to shotguns, pistols, and hunting rifles.  Anything else forget about it… no suppressors either.  Later on in the video he updates this to say that the average person doesn’t even need a semi-automatic pistol.
  5. The minimum age to own a firearm should be 25.
  6. Ban all firearm accessories.

Heh.. riiiiiiiiiiight.

ahahah 7:30 – “I’m VODA INC… *dramatic pause* I’m one of the greatest of all time”