This Taurus Firearms Executive Grade Revolver Ad Has BIG TAURUS Energy

⚡️ even if you blocked out the gun or the logo, I could have easily told you this was a Taurus ad:

Iced coffee came out of my mouth and onto my desk in laughter when I saw the “EXECUTIVE GRADE” debossing.

In 2020 you’d think firearms companies with a lot of money like Taurus (presumably) has, they could afford to hire out someone to do something way better.  Even the voiceover is very “I hired a guy off Fiverr”.

Thoughts?  When you think of aspirational firearms.. ones that you’d buy if you got that BIG PROMOTION; does a Taurus revolver come to mind? 🤔

P.S. Holy the comments are a real treat.  Loaded with boomers absolutely THIRSTING.