Tic Tac Gun 3d Printed

That thang. Surgical gloves and mood lighting for the build:

Wholesome print.  The chamber loaded indicator window is a nice touch.  I’ve tossed a Tic Tac into my mouth a few times, and when it hit a tooth it makes the sharpest sound and doesn’t feel so great either.  Because of that, I’d say shooting a Tic Tac into your friend’s mouth (or your own) probably isn’t recommended. I’ve been called a safety sally on here more than once though, so ultimately it’s up to you. I’m not even going to talk about my opinion on eye pro when dealing with Tic Tac guns.

You can grab the files for free on Thingverse.  Of course there are a bunch of people printing / selling them online too if you don’t have a printer.

Looks like Amazon has all the ammo you’d need for such a thing.  I created a spreadsheet and crunched the numbers in a supercomputer to come to the conclusion that the OG freshmint flavor is the cheapest.  You can get 12 packs (each which contain around 38 tic tacs… so approx 456 rounds) on Amazon Prime. Dudes be like “prActIce DrYfiRiNg BeFoRe yOu ShOoT ReAl miNTs”