From Downloading MP3s To Downloading MP5s

The homie Print Shoot Repeat back at it 👏:

6:34 – ~$950 ($650 if you want to press the trunion yourself) for the 3D printed version VS ~$3680 for the H&K SP5

6:58 – Holy that kit looks high quality.

Test firing it:

038 – LOL the song is incredible.

If I had any idea what the timeline for affordable / mass proliferation of in home metal printing would be, I would “Big Short” (great movie btw) some of the publicly traded gun companies.  I suppose on top of that I would add that 3d printing definitely needs to turn into more of a “press the big green button and get your part” type of thing, before the gun companies will start start to see it as a real threat to their bottom line.