Dave Chappelle Tackled On Stage By Weirdo With A Fake Gun Real Knife Combo

Crazy that this actually happened:

May 4th – A man in the audience somehow got on stage at the Hollywood Bowl and rushed Dave Chappelle, tackling him violently and slamming him on the hard stage during his performance.

The weirdo (23 year old Isaiah Lee), was carrying this fake gun / knife gas station combo:

There are a lot more details over at TMZ, including pictures of the attackers arm bent backwards as he waits to be loaded in the ambulance 😂.  He was charged with possession of a weapon with intent to assault and unauthorized access to the stage area during a performance.  Bail is set at 30K, and apparently if convicted, he’d face no more than 18 months (probably less) in county jail.  Yikes.

Thoughts? To make things even weirder, Dave convinced security to let him talk to the guy before they took him away and he said the attack was all about getting attention for his grandmother who had been forced out of her neighborhood because of gentrification.