Shooting An Egg At 1 MILLION FPS

The Slow Mo Guys push the frame rate up to 1 MILLION in this video:

Amazing how far those cameras have come.  10,000 fps was considered so good back when he made a similar video 11 years ago. I bet in another decade we’ll be able to see 1million fps (or more) at 4k resolution.

Looks like that Phantom TMX 7510 they’re using in this vid is worth over $100,000. I always find it dumb when places are cagey about pricing. I know it’s probably part of their sales funnel, but I can only imagine how many tire kickers they get.. who are thinking the camera is probably a few thousand dollars max (because they didn’t even do an ounce of research). The whole “if you have to ask how much, then you can’t afford it” thing is so cringe and tiresome. I’m actually surprised companies do that at all anymore, with the way the world is now with wealth. Don’t even try to tell me some bitcoin bazillionaire wouldn’t see this EGG AT 1 MILLION FPS vid, hit up the phantom site… see the camera is “only” $XXX,XXX , then hit the buy now button (if there actually was one) and take a few cool videos of his vanity breed dog running in the wind before getting bored and throwing the camera in a closet and forgetting about it.