Is Chinese Body Armor Just As Good?

Dudes always asking if less expensive options are “JuSt aS GoOd?”.  Dustin takes a look:

3:33 – Holy by the look of that bulge the energy transfer of that M1 Garand hit would be devastating.

4:46 – Not a surprise the tungsten tip sailed right through.

7:48 – LOL he called his dog to bring him a magazine. 😂

$300 per set is definitely a lot cheaper than US based level III hard armor.  Couple searches I did showed less than half the price.  In this non-scientific test it sure seems to work well.  I guess if you’re buying it to hopefully safe your life though, you’ll have to make the decision of if you’d rather save a few hundred dollars and “hope” this foreign made armor does the job it’s supposed to do.  Obviously the military and police aren’t going to go that route, but for the dudes who LARP and need something to fill the plate carrier so they don’t get made fun of on Instagram, it definitely seems like it would do the job more than good enough.