Blue Alpha Stock Sock Is A LARPer’s Dream

hahahaha. Laser cut holes in fabric and some bungee cord.. “UniVeRsAL”:

The Stock Sock has the ability to carry multiple tourniquets, needle decomp, chem lights, wound packing material, or whatever else you want to keep on your stock. It can also be used to stow and manage a sling for storage or vehicular transport. How you set up and kit out your Stock Sock is up to you!

Ah perfect, now the dudes who have no idea how to use a tourniquet and all those other things, can put them on their rifle instead of their plate carrier.  Who am I kidding, they’re obviously going to have one of everything on each.  Bruthers will take any and every opportunity they can get to peacock, even if they have no idea what they’re doing.