Factory Tour – Federal Ammo Celebrates 100 Years

Congrats to them 🎂🥳.  I love this type of vid:

Interesting to hear the history and see some of the old pictures.

0:47 – That is a lot of different buildings for one company.  700,000+ sq ft. of manufacturing space!

0:55 – “More than 1400 employees keep the factory running 24/7, producing millions of rounds per day” 😲 FLEX.

I knew ammo companies like Federal were big.. but after seeing the vid I’m even more in awe.

Federal is publicly traded on the NYSE under the ticker VSTO (Vista Outdoor Inc.,) the company that owns them.  Like most stocks this year to date, they have taken around a 30% haircut.  It’s still up several hundred percent over the last couple years though… you love to see it.