Noveske Pivoting To A Skateboard And Merch Company?

The fellas are complaining in the comments:

I clicked through like forty guns and receivers on their site, and sure enough all of them are sold out.  Good problem to have, if they are actually selling out of everything they make.  You never know though.. so many supply chain issues at the moment maybe they can’t even get raw materials etc..?

I know at least one of you guys is going to make fun of me for being safety-boi again, but I can’t believe basically no one wears a helmet skateboarding.  At the very most, a hat / hood will just keep the skin surface pretty in case of a bad accident.

0:21 – I know generally skateboarders are far too cool to care… but if it were my job designing the deck, I would have either made CHAINSAW fill the entire board, or fit nicely between the trucks.  The way it is now, the board reads HAINSAV.  That’s actually kind of mysterious though.. maybe they’re on to something.  Sounds like a Finnish death metal band.