Guided Chaos Really Do Be Guiding The Chaos

haha this guy is still at it:

Jokes aside, I have to respect the hustle.  I blogged about this dude in 2014 (Sometimes His Mom Lets Him Train), and 2015 (Guided Chaos Is Back With A Combatives DVD).  7 years (almost to the day) later, he’s still guiding chaos. *chef’s kiss*. Those two posts I linked by the way, are some classic ENDO.  I was truly on my bullshit back then just as much, if not more, than I am now.  You love to see it.

Just in case you didn’t click through, here’s the promo video from the 2nd post:

WILD 😂.  Should honestly be a seizure / heart problems warning on that video.  I’m in good health, and after watching it I felt like I drank 3 Venti iced Americanos.