My Little Armalite Song

Certified Irish banger:

🔊🔥🔥🔥.  Someone should make up a chopped / screwed version of that haha.  Michael “5000” Watts style:

The original version of Ride on 4s is better.

Music videos are like a time capsule; fun to watch the old ones like that.. way before Instagram, 4k video, huge budgets, and everything over the top.

Sometimes when I’m watching old videos like that, I think “wow this must have like a billion views by now, since it’s such a classic that everyone knows”… then I look at the view count – 14.9M!  That’s an impressive amount of views, however the population of Texas is just shy of 30 million so I’m kind of shocked the view count isn’t much higher.


Gat tip: Scott S