Tour Of A Million Dollar Personal Gun Collection

“The Collector”:

Holy, who is this guy?  I can see he joined YouTube in 2012, it it was only 9 days ago that he uploaded his first video (this one in the post).

Obviously I was impressed with the 1st room.. was like wow that’s a lot of nice guns but seems like not enough for a million dollars worth.  Then he went into the larger second room 😂

2:48 – This guy seems way too classy to have that F1 skeletonized bullshit.  I was pretty sure I had their target market figured out, but this dude threw a wrench in my stereotype.

4:37 – Pretty cool that the third room is history related.

Oh man the 4th room with the range has handguns.  WHO IS HE?

Thoughts?  He’s very likable, so I hope he keeps posting vids of his awesome stuff.  The best part about being wealthy is you don’t have concern yourself with “yOuTuBe MonItiZaTiOn”, doing stuff to appeal to cool teens, and eventual collabs with the annoying YouTubers with large followings.  He can just do whatever makes him happy.  That’s the best way to live.

I hope he does an eventual full MTV Cribs style home tour, and says how he made his money.  I kind of doubt that will happen, but you never know.  I’m already surprised he did this collection video tbh; speaking purely from an OPSEC point of view.