Glock Is Leaning Into Boomer Marketing

This gem of a picture on their Instagram:

Statistics show that the wolves are the readiest they will ever be, when you’re cutting your lawn as a suburban male over the age of 65.  I might have to write a Sheepdog fan fiction for that picture.

I joke, but Glock is just doing the proper thing in marketing.  Segmenting their audience and then tailoring content towards each of those segments; it makes sense to treat each cohort differently.  After I typed that last sentence, I scrolled through their Instagram account.   It’s kind of a hodgepodge of a bunch of random overly staged Glock pictures, low budget photoshops, stock photos and Kathrin Glock appearances (looking lovely as ever).  In my opinion they have a lot of room for improvement on social media considering the caliber of the brand (puN iNteNdEd huehehehe 😏).

Also, what’s up with Glock running the account off the username glockinc , while username glock is an obvious trademark infringement?  LOL on the fake glock page there are two posts.. one about sept 11th, and one picture of a Glock 23.  Seems to me that the fake page definitely shouldn’t have posted that Glock picture, if they didn’t want smoke.