AR-15 3D Printed UBAR V2 With The Graves Alamo-15 Trigger

Print Shoot Repeat is the homie, but my biases aside I have to say his sponsored ads are always very watchable because the sponsors actually make sense in the context of his channel.  If he was on here selling Audible subscriptions or trying to push some sort of dumbass iphone game I’d be like 🗣”COME ON BRO, do better”.

Holy that muzzle brake is LOUD and full of bass even on the video.

8:30 – LOL that Graves Alamo-15 trigger is INSANE 😂.

I still really enjoy that 3d printing guns is a work in progress.  It’s what makes the videos interesting, because sometimes they work amazing and sometimes they don’t work at all.

Print Shoot Repeat has his own merch now too, which you can check out at the link. (like the logo shirt he’s wearing in the video).

I suppose it’s only a matter of time before the ATF bans these triggers, but damn is it cool to see innovation continually circumventing the rules on regular fellas owning automatic weapons.

14:23 – hahah the nugget dipping sauce holder.  A classic.  I could have sworn I blogged about it in the past.. but it must have just been an IG post I did of the 3d printed one.  It would go great with the Chick-Fil-AR.

16:15 – A SONG!!!!  Just when I thought the video couldn’t get any better.  Ahaha the muzzle back blast is absolutely painting him in honey mustard.

Thoughts?  Oh and in related news the comment notification system seems to be randomly working again (after not working for about 2.5 years), so that’s nice.