VICE took a look at the hobby:

Looks like fun.  Are the airsoft handguns even slightly accurate at any sort of range?  Seems like a smooth barrel that short with minimal velocity and a lightweight projectile would be next to useless.

2:35 – 86 people killed in two years by police, who thought their airsoft guns were real.  Yikes.. NOT ideal.  Shitty situation for everyone involved.. its not like law enforcement could trust the presence of an orange tip, even if the guns had them though.

4:34 – Cool, that girl follows me on IG and I recognize her from the comments section of some of my posts.  She goes by thetacticalunicorn.  Actually I did some poking around her page and found her husband, and he follows me too – theedesertfox.

6:01 – haha briefly tense father-son moment.

8:29 – I like MilsimWest’s style.  Keep it non-political, and don’t be a dick.

Thoughts?  I remember airsoft getting so much flack from real steel gun guys like myself like a decade ago.  It’s definitely embraced more widely now though, mostly I’d say due to the fact that top companies like Magpul and Glock etc.. are doing the whole licensing thing so the familiarity when switching from real to airsoft is there.

On a side but related note.. I can’t believe how excessively monetized some of these YouTube videos are now.  I had to skip so many ads while trying to watch this vid.. almost makes me want to get that premium subscription.