Warcat Tactical Looking To Be Your Holster Daddy

I like what I see:

Looking for something injection molded, inexpensive, and comes with a lifetime warranty?  Move over Uncle Mike’s.  Warcat is seemingly looking to “D I S R U P T” the holster game.. all their holsters (which are injection molded, NOT kydex), are priced at $17.76.  They even have an option you can check if you have a red dot sight.  Compatibility looks decent.. a lot of the popular compacts and subcompacts from Glock, Springfield, SIG, and S&W.  A lot of guys run lights, so I’m assuming they’ll offer popular weapon light compatibility soon as well.

The design process.. aka shots fired at kydex bois:

The fact they are warcat.com off rip impresses me as well.  I couldn’t find how much they paid for that name, but I can already say it’s worth every penny.  It’s always shocking in this industry when someone’s website functions perfectly too.. I’m impressed with these guys.

$17.76 over at Warcat.

Thoughts? Oh man, the kydex gun ceLebRitiEs that sell their own brand holsters are going to be shaking in their 5.11 boots.  Sure some kydex bois have better fit and quality than others, but it’s a LOT of marketing.  The downside in pricing something like this under $20 is the psychology aspect of it.  People are just going to assume the $80 (most likely kydex) holster they have open on another tab, being pushed by the WaRRiOr with a nice beard and robust quads popping out some short shorts is better quality.  It’s just how our brains work, unfortunately.  Also, people are also so used to seeing Kydex, it’s going to be a struggle to educate them that injection molding is better.  If the quality is as good as they say it is, I hope this works out for Warcat, and they have enough profit margin and industry buzz to thrive.