The Insane Loyalty of Fandom

I wonder if any of the most popular gun people have experienced anything like this?

Before I get into it… this guy in the YouTube vid still and at 0:12 is giving me Lucas from T-REX Arms vibes.  There’s more of him towards the end of the video..  this doppelgänger goes by Social Repose.

Judging by the comments I see on the YouTube videos, the audience on the videos of some of the more “low hanging fruit / cringe for views as content” gun guys.. their fanbase definitely seems to skew young.  I really wouldn’t be surprised if some of those parents are driving their kids to some of YouTubers we know in person.  That’s cool as long as its not done in a stalker way.  Showing up at someone’s house is absolutely batshit crazy.

While watching the video, I was thinking.. you know what, the homie Brandon (the AKGuy) was actually doing a hypehouse type thing for a while with BrassValley.  That was obviously a TON of work to pull off in the fashion he did, and thankfully the guys he picked were actually not children.  It would be cool if there was a full time gun content hype house, with adults.  I realize that logistically a bunch of dudes in their late 20s – 40s probably are not going to want to live together though.. so the next best thing would be like a “hype Co-working space”.  After typing that out, it actually seems like what some of the guys in Texas have going on.  Everyone always featuring everyone local in their videos.  I’m not mad at it, however you fellas know I have my favorites.  It pains my heart when a non-cringe YouTuber and a cringe YouTuber collab.

Holy, when some of that hypehouse content started rolling at around the 2:00 mark in the video I had to almost turn away. 😬 grim.

2:44 – A huge mob rolling up on the house of this Megan Zelly girl that has only 102,000 on instagram?  Wow.. I didn’t think that was a follower count people had to worry about stalkers at.