Original Design 3d Print And Machined Aluminum Ring Pistol

Holy, this guy.  Very wholesome.  This is the type of innovation I’ve been yearning for:

40 rounds in that ring. Forward ejecting. No magazine, no springs for ammo follower, just pure conversion of linear motion into rotational motion. He says since the ring uses recoil force to rotate, it absorbs a ton of energy and makes for a super soft shooting gun.  Unbelievable.

In the video description he says he’s planning on giving the files away soon.  He also wrote – “I don’t really need the money, because the firearms industry is a LOT of work, and I just like to do fun hobbies.”… Daaaamn, purely doing it for sport? 😲  What a king.  Such a cool thing about the 3d printing community, is that type of attitude.  I do wish there was some way for these guys who are really coming out with cool and original stuff like this to monetize though (outside of crap like PaTrEoN).  Perhaps someday, there will be a forward looking gun company that will realize that releasing a design like this that’s out of the norm would no doubt attract a significant number of people as long as the cost isn’t insane; bring guys like this on board and give them a cut.